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Can you believe that next week is Christmas? I can't! I just got all the mailing completed for my kids and penpals that I exchange gifts with. I feel incredibly behind still, but that is the way it is every year about this time for me. We will be closed on the 25th and 26th next week, natch, but open on Saturday. So come on out and research with us or send the husbands in that are getting in the way of your cleaning after the presents have been ripped apart. Play rehearsals are coming along nicely. We are supposed to be off book this week. Yikes! The pressure builds.


Here it is a new week and closer to Christmas. Oh my! I went to the Lake Wales public library last Friday morning to help with a genealogy class and we had a good time. Maybe I taught them a thing or two (I saw some people write stuff down!) and I always learn something new. We had a little appreciation program for the volunteers last week also, they hold down the fort when we have other things to attend to and help with research and putting together projects, etc. Hey there was pizza! I had a couple of new people in along with our treasured regulars. Always glad to see you all.


My husband and I waddled out of Golden Corral after a great Thanksgiving dinner. They had food everywhere! I got my turkey without the cooking and clean up. I went to the History Center in Orlando on Sunday to the 75th anniversary exhibit of Gone With The Wind. It was interesting and well done. Had to stop in the library since it was in the next block and go to the genealogy collection. I have to admit ours is easier to navigate, maybe I'm just used to it. I did find a book with a death I didn't have quite by accident. Yay!


I am back after a very relaxing vacation. I am tackling the emails and other things that awaited me when I came in this morning. We will have a short week because of the holiday, but man I love me some turkey and dressing. We will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, closed Thursday and Friday and then I will be back on Saturday. Come relax and do some research. Had one exciting thing happen, I auditioned for and got one of the lead rolls in the next play at the Lake Wales Little Theatre! I love to make people laugh so hope you will come out and laugh at me....err with me.


Well we just celebrated one of the most famous and solemn holidays on 11 November. I hope everyone thanked a Veteran. Without them we wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted. The holiday makes for a short week for me but I am catching up from not being here on Tuesday. I will be on vacation next week! My 39th wedding anniversary is on 22 November and we already have the room reserved. Guess I'll be instate working on a few things around the house. Yes there will be the chips eating, t.v. watching scenario added in there too.


I got ready to come to work on my scooter the 1st but changed my mind when I saw the wind blowing. The Halloween parade was a scary one, mostly cause I had to fight traffic to get to the bank by 5:30. Had five minutes to spare! Whoo! Anyway the big news today, election day, is that Adam Putnam is going to have a shindig on the steps of the History Center. They will await election returns. The streets have been blocked off all day so I apologize if you have not been able to make it in to see us. The rest of the week will be easier.


This has been a really emotional month for me but I am keeping up. I am working on the third floor to sort and put up microfilm. Yes we still have some. has been a boon in genealogy research but there is still something to be said for cranking the old film machine as far as I am concerned. I can make copies from the film if you like and remember we have lots of the old Polk county newspapers on film. The Bartow Halloween parade is today at 4 p.m. so come check that out. I watch with envy from the windows as the kids scoop up all the candy. Ha!


I have gotten a little more rest over the weekend so feel some better. Made it through my sister's birthday which was 16 October and tomorrow (23rd) is her wedding anniversary. I didn't post anything yesterday even though I decided to do something every week. We were very busy yesterday. In addition to the Lunch and Learn program over in the 1926 courtroom I had a lot of patrons. Just what I like to see! Squeezing in some time today to get this post done. I am now official I have business cards!!! They have my name on them and everything.


Well last week started out o.k. until my daughter called to tell me my sister had died in tx. on 7 October. It was a whirlwind trip and totally unexpected. I want to thank the volunteers who helped cover for me, Connie, Jeanne and Karen. You are much appreciated. Also thanks to Stephanie and Shelley who helped hold down the fort too. My recovery will take time but with all the help and good thoughts coming my way I will survive, though I will miss her always. Dorinda


Greetings all! I was invited to the reopening of the Frostproof Historical Museum and Library down in Frostproof this past Saturday (4 October). Bea Reifeis is the new director, she and volunteers have worked diligently to upgrade both the building and the collection. I must say the building is a lot brighter than it used to be. There is new paint and a tile floor and all repairs were made as they went along. The exhibits are really informational and well done. If you get the chance go down for a visit. It is at 210 South Scenic Highway, Frostproof. Phone 863-635-7865.